Wildlife Tour in India – Top Five Destinations

Wildlife Tour in India – Top Five Destinations

Wildlife tourism is a newly emerged tourism attractions available in India. It attracts nature lovers and wildlife lovers from all over the world. India is internationally noted for its rich flora and fauna having some famous wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, bird sanctuaries and national parks. Here are Top 5 destinations which are believed to be the abode of rich flora and fauna.

1. Sunderbans National Park -Top Of TheTree

Situated in Indian state of West Bengal, Sunderbans Tiger Reserve is the largest and one of the most famous national parks in India. It is well known for its tigers and a variety of other wildlife attractions like wild elephants, barking deer, boars, bears, swamp deer, leopards, panthers, rhinoceros, elephants, sable Rhinoceros, hog deer, wild boar, Indian Miniature Leopard, Indian Bison, hog deer, hyenas, black buck antelope, sloth bear, jungle cat, small slow loris, huge tolerance breeds and a huge variety of reptiles and amphibians.

2. Periyar National Park – lying 8 km off shore of Bay of Bengal in Indian state of Kerala, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most sought after wildlife destinations in India. The park is well known for its tigers and a variety of other wildlife attractions like Indian Rhinoceros, swamp deer, elephant, boars, bears, swamp reindeer, jungle cat, small slow loris, huge tolerable Deer, roaming elephants, wild boar, Indian wild dogs, deer mice, royal Bengal tigers, sambhar, nilgai, jungle cat, golden jackal, fox, coyote and plenty of birds.

3. Wildlife sanctuaries of India

Mountains of India are believed to be the abode of white tigers, bear, leopard, wild elephants, deer and several other species of wildlife. Wildlife sanctuaries of India are abundant in national parks, private parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Out of the 20 tiger reserves, 7 of them are located in India. Besides, there are wildlife sanctuaries of almost every other wildlife attraction available in India. Ranthambhore, Sariska and Kaziranga are the famous wildlife sanctuaries of India. Kaziranga is also called as the Rajiv Gandhi wildlife sanctuary. It is famous for its large tiger population. It is also the largest elephant population in the world. Elephant safari is a major attraction of Kaziranga.

4. Wildlife tourism in Kerala

Kerala, the green state of India is also making a significant mark in the world of wildlife tourism. Kerala the state with the most concentrated wildlife density in the world has some of the natural reserves of world. There are varieties of wildlife attractions like National Parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries and several protected reserves in Kerala which serve as the paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. You can also enjoy spotting animals and reptiles in several wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala. You can select Periyar in Kerala as your tour destination, one of the most famous national parks of India. Periyar Tiger Reserve is also very famous for tiger safari. It is one of the most dominant Tiger Reserves in the world. If you really want to spot and observe tigers, Periyar is the best option.

5. Visit India wildlife sanctuaries and national parks

Indus Valley and Ganges delta are globally famous for remaining tropical rain forests in world. It is a habitat for several rain forest species. You can also boast that it is one of the most valuable wetlands of the world. Visiting these rainforests and sanctuaries of India you will love to catch the glimpses of orangutans, tigers, elephants, rhinos, bears, wild animals and different species of birds. Indian wildlife is a charm and wonder for wildlife enthusiasts.

6. Corbett National Park and Sasan Gir National Park in Nainital District of Uttar Pradesh State

Corbett being the name of the national park is well known for its tiger sightings. It is a convenient destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It is also the best place for elephant safari. It is well connected by Train and Road Facilities for Wildlife Safari. It is also one of the most sought after National Parks in India. Corbett is splendid place for seeing tigers in their true natural habitat. It is also a convenient place for watching tigers and elephant. It has ample accommodation facilities and salubrious ambiance for recreation and tourism.

7. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Kerala

Located 5km from Thiruvananthapuram the elegant city of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is blessed with greenery, greenery, abundant species of bird and varieties of garden. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to April.